Oral steroids with least side effects


Oral steroids are very much in use around the world for their great effects in giving results for targeted areas in the body. Most of the drugs are used for performance enhancing purposes. Body builders and athletes made the use of steroids popular for growing solid muscle mass and reducing the fat content in the body. They help I burning the body fat content faster and with great efficiency by making some alterations in the body like increasing the body temperature. Increase of body temperature by unity leads to increase of calorie burn by around 5%. The loss in fat and promotion of muscle growth makes the physique look sculpted. Overuse of steroids may lead to dangerous side effects. Sometimes the alterations become permanent in the body which may lead to permanent damage to the human life cycle.


Toxicity of oral steroids

Oral steroids are very effective in giving excellent results in a short span of time. But they are not very much recommended since they are high in toxic content as they have given drastic results. They have to alter the hormone in the cycle otherwise they are not able to function properly. They lead to increase in liver enzyme functions which are something that is not at all good for the physical and mental health. Due to this reason, liver damage tops the list of side effects of going through oral steroids cycles. To provide high efficiency in giving the results in a fast pace, they are specially formulated. They are C17 alpha alkylated that is the hormone is adjusted at the 17th carbon to make its way through the digestive tract easier and hazard free. Such alterations are not very favourable for the health of humans. Thus oral steroids are not recommended by practitioners even for curing diseases. The persons with a high hepatic condition should think twice before taking oral steroids as they are hazardous to the liver.

Oral steroids with comparatively lower side effects

There are unfortunately not many numbers of steroids that may be used for great results and cause minimum side effects as well. Steroids are synthetic drugs and lead to abnormal hormonal levels to get the desired results. This change to normal hormones in the body is the reason for facing so many problems as an after effect of steroid. People must be aware of the side effects each kind of drug causes before using them. Proper regulated oral steroids cycles are very efficient and at the same time cause least alterations and thus least problems in the body of men and women. Anavar and primobolan are some popular oral anabolic steroids with least androgenic effects. But among them, anavar is the most favoured one. Oral primo is another drug used to have great efficiency with least side effects count. But it is more efficient when taken through injections. But they may be efficient when used orally if they are paired with anavar. It boosts the anavar cycle to provide maximum benefit.

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