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Diindolylmethane or widely known as DIM is the molecular condensation of I3C or indole-3-carbinol. Being the Family of Cruciferous vegetables, I3C includes Bok choy, Kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and much more. The gastric juices act on 13C, as soon as it reaches into the stomach. The average food intake in daily basis gives 2 to 24 milligrams of I3C based Diindolylmethane, for most of the people.

While DIM common doses administered for a short term basis, it is classified as safe for people having normal health that includes infants, pregnant women, children and lactating mothers. However, it is to note that higher DIM doses have some certain side effects that require attention and one should follow prescription from the consultant. Even, DIM did not get any acknowledgment from FDA for diindolylmethane supplementation yet.


Why to use Diindolylmethane:

Today, DIM or Diindolylmethane is much more popular due to its use for cancer treatment and giving chemoprotective effects. Even, as per the researches, the supplement is useful to treat various cancer like breast, colorectal and uterine cancer. Diindolylmethane doses are also used to treat premenstrual syndrome and cure enlarged prostate. See the points below to know how DIM works-

  • Diindolylmethane improves Estrogen balance.
  • Helps to convert more active forms of estrogen into less active Forms.
  • It inhibits the Aromatase Enzyme and converts Testosterone into the Estrogen at lower Doses.
  • The does even emulates the muscle building and also helps to lose weight.
  • DIM is more effective than indole-3-carbinol.

How to use it?

As per the clinical recommendation, one must take the DIM supplements up to 300 milligrams in a day, and it is considered as safe. Although, there are few side effects, those all side effects are short-lived and mild on the consumer’s health.

Even, as per the consultant’s, period of common doses administered, should be less than twelve weeks. In case of therapeutic uses, daily 600 milligrams of DIM dosage are made in use. While exploring the use of DIM doses, the two cases, namely asymptomatic and hyponatremia came out as two resulting factor. While suffering from hyponatremia, the sodium level drops. However, there is nothing to worry about; in very rare cases, the hyponatremia is noted at all.

While there is a possibility of causing hyponatremia, it is being suggested that the DIM pills must not be combined with diuretic pharmaceuticals that may cause the drop in sodium level.

When someone is using DIM for breast cancer, here is a list of diindolylmethane administration guide and other related results are given. See the section below-

  • Diindolylmethane helps to normalize the breast cancer cell by repairing enzyme activity.
  • Oral intake of supplements up to 300 mg daily increase the level of mRNA of BRCA1, after using it up to 4 to 6 weeks.
  • DIM is also known for decreasing the antiestrogenic actions.
  • Upon oral intake of diindolylmethane supplements, the incidence of DMBA-induce mammary cancer in rats has been reduced by 80%

In a long-term study on Donryu rats having induced endometrial cancer, it has been seen that the generation of uterine neoplasms is much higher than rats, which are being treated with DIM. It is to believe that the antiestrogenic effect has caused the increase in estradiol 2-hydroxylation.

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