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If your company is bringing on more employees who may end up dealing with hazardous materials, you need to ensure they’ve received education about and met the training standard for the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). For employees receiving the training for the first time, you have to send them through something called HAZWOPER 40, which is a 40-hour course that covers all aspects of working with hazardous waste. Rather than try to find an in-person course that everyone can attend, though, look at online training. Using online modules can be much more beneficial for your business.


Different Paces, Different Schedules

Online HAZWOPER training allows workers to complete the training as it fits into their schedules. You have to set a final completion date, of course, but workers can set their own paces within that schedule. Those who want to divide the training up into equal portions can do so, while those who want to front-load the training and get as much done as possible from the start can do that.

The HAZWOPER 40 program does have an in-person component; workers have to be tested in hands-on situations. There also has to be some way for workers taking the training to ask questions of an instructor. Any online school offering the program should have instructors available to provide answers within a reasonable time after the student asks a question.

Note that OSHA doesn’t have official certifications for instructors in HAZWOPER training courses (online or otherwise). Check into the instructors’ training when you look at online schools to ensure your workers will receive solid information.

More Than Just the Disposal Team

This training course is meant for anyone who is involved mainly in cleanup, correction, emergency response, and general disposal and handling of hazardous materials and waste. However, you may also want to consider sending other employees, such as administrative personnel who work near disposal and treatment sites, through the same training program, or at least the instructional portion of it. With online classes, arranging that without totally disrupting the operation of the company is very easy. These other employees would benefit because knowing more about what the disposal and cleanup teams go through can help these employees better understand any problems that arise. It makes communication between departments easier.

Start looking for online HAZWOPER courses that allow for relatively flexible schedules; some also offer additional types of HAZWOPER training, such as the review training that employees have to undergo yearly. Your employees deserve safe working conditions, and adequate training is a big part of keeping everyone safe. Don’t delay; arrange to get your employees trained today.



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