Every Team Member Needs HACCP Training


Are you the owner or manager of a food manufacturing/processing firm?

Your business needs an efficient food safety management programme and the universally adopted Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points and its principles are considered vital within the EU.

Certificated proof that you are capable of excellent food hygiene and monitoring food safety, initiating corrective measures and maintaining accurate records makes you, your team and your business a viable trading option in the UK and Europe.

It shows a proactive attitude, organisation, legislative awareness and compliance. It sets you ahead of untrained competitors.


Hazards can be biological, chemical or physical and some of them may be missed easily in the hectic production process.

Is every person in your premises, from the cleaner to the managing director, adhering to this very short list of critical control points?

  • Soap and hot water or disinfectant should be used to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Germs cling to cleaning tools so prior to cleaning they need to be made germ free with disinfectant. If germs are present on the cleaning tool they will transfer on to the surface that the operative is meant to be cleaning. This is a frequent food hygiene error.
  • Cleaning tasks should take place immediately after food preparation.
  • Surfaces which are left wet after cleaning allow germs to survive. Always dry the surface area thoroughly.
  • Are disposable cloths used or one repeatedly? It should be the former not the latter.
  • Maintaining a hygienic environment is a full time responsibility, not a once a week or an end of day undertaking.
  • Tiles and grout should be maintained and cleaned frequently.
  • Check pest control risks often.

One bacterium turns into six million bacteria within eight hours. From a morning clean to an evening clean you may be playing host to a problem you didn’t realise existed.

Don’t let bacteria run riot.

Bacteria and germs are the enemy in a food preparation area and if you ever find yourself as defendant in a food hygiene based legal investigation then ignorance of procedures and not having an effective food safety management plan will not be adequate to remove blame from you or your staff and it could ruin your business.

HACCP training is simple to take, either in person or online at basic level and in person on site or in training premises for higher levels of training.

It’s cost effective, rich in information and training companies like Food Alert in London can specifically focus on your business’ critical control points and provide examples which helps information to stick in the mind.

The Food Standards Agency, business contacts and clients like to enjoy confidence in who they deal with.

Having HACCP training certificates on the wall will be an instant sign that you are reputable.

Utilising an HACCP plan means that when the FSA/local authority inspections take place you won’t be petrified about what will be uncovered.

Food safety management is an asset.

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