Different Types of Window Films and Their Uses


The installation of modern window films has brought many advantages to residents and business people. This technology comes as a cost-saving and decorative feature to a home because there are many damages that can be prevented by covering windows with films. Below is a review of the different types of films that people can consider for their houses or cars:

Safety Window Films

The impact of glass breakage can lead to serious accidents to anyone near. Considering how glass is fragile, it’s important to come up with a measure that can reduce the risk of harm. Once the glass is covered with a film, it reduces the risk of glass shards harming people. The glass is still held in its place even if it breaks because the film holds it in place. Safety films can be fitted on the inside or outside surface of the glass.


Solar Control Films

This film is normally fitted to prevent or reduce the effects of UV rays on people and objects. It is used to prevent rooms from heating, objects fading and people suffering from heat related issues. Solar control films are available in different colours and designs to meet the preference of every household. When installed in homes or cars, the film protects the interiors from fading or cracking.

Security Window Films

Security films exist in a wide range of thickness depending on the level of security needed. There are standard safety films and bomb-blast protection films. These films are meant to make the glass stronger so that it can resist a certain level of impact. This means that once these films are installed, the glass becomes hard to break and can be used to secure a place from theft.

Although bomb-blast films do not completely guarantee safety from explosions, they improve safety levels when such risks occur.

Privacy Films

These are specifically meant to obscure the vision of intruders. If you want to keep your interior space safe from onlookers, then you can have privacy films installed.

You can consult film installers in your area to have any of the above films installed for you.

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