Differences Between Male and Female Golfers


Men and women have always played…just differently… Their greatest difference on any sporting field of course would be their physical makeup.

In high school young men begin to notice how a young woman smiles and bats her eyes. They begin to notice that she walks in quite a different way. Young junior golfers attending their first golf academy begin to notice that girls have a different swing- and a different golf swing also.

Instructors at golf academies have picked up on these differences also, therefore their teaching is gender designed enabling young men and women to learn the best techniques for their body type. Teaching them to choose the best clubs and accessories to obtain their best playing skills.


A female’s chest and wider hips are quite different than the male’s body makeup. “In terms of hand-grip strength, 90% of heavily trained female athletes produce less force than 95% of untrained males.”  Women tend to be weaker in the arms in comparison to men, with their strongest body part being the legs.

Differences in Male and Female Golf Swings

Women have a slower swing speed than men, meaning that they create less power during a swing-leaving the ball on the ground. Men have a quicker swing speed which enables a steeper angle connection on the ball. And because of men’s shoulder and wrist strength they are able to lift the ball.

The traditional male golfer stance is to keep feet shoulder-width apart at address. But for women this traditional stance limits the use of her wide hips which need a wider stance to build more resistance during their swing.

Differences in Male and Female Golf Clubs

Women’s golf clubs are shorter, lighter, and more flexible. The Drivers designed for women have a higher loft than those designed for men. The higher loft makes up for women’s slower swing speed enabling them to get the ball into the air.

Men’s clubs usually come with a choice between graphite and steel shafts. Whereas women’s clubs usually have graphite shafts which are much lighter than steel allowing for a softer flex-which leads to a better club head position.

Women’s grips are found in pretty pastels separating them from men’s at a glance. Women’s hands are usually smaller than men’s creating the need for clubs with grips smaller in diameter and shorter in length than on men’s clubs. The smaller size allows for a more powerful grip.

Tips for Male & Female Golfers

Relax and enjoy the game. Golfing is a great way to spend time in the beautiful outdoors. Here’s a few tips from the pro’s:

  • Enjoy the game. In search of the perfect game-you can miss the game.
  • Practice at the range and play on the course
  • Lower your expectations
  • Be realistic about putting






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