5 Types Of Valet Tickets Offered By A Valet Ticket Supplies Company


Valet parking is yet another luxury that should be enjoyed if you have the means to do so. Luckily, valet parking comes with a ticket to ensure that the safety of your car is in good hands and that the company is liable if anything is to happen. For example, if your car is lost or damaged. These types of parking tickets are a perfect fit for restaurants, nightclubs, weddings, concerts, hotels and any other place that a professional valet would be required and would make a reasonable service for customers. A valet ticket supplies company may have a wide array of different types of tickets that are customized and printed from high quality material to give off that professional appealing look. Below are some of them;

3 part barcodes valet ticket

This type of ticket consists of sequential numbering and barcodes that are quite easy to read due to the fact that the numbers are large. The ticket has a ¼ inch keyhole that is barcoded with a barcode of type 3-9, which is used to encode the ticket number.


Parking permit window decal

This type of barcode also has sequential and numbering barcodes. It is a type of ticket that is removable and can be repositioned to and from glass surfaces. The advantageous thing about this type of ticket is that the permit has the ability to be transferred among other vehicles on a need be basis. This makes it a perfect choice for schools, companies, hotels and other locations that are secure. Despite it being placed on the windshield, it is made from stable material that does not fade and is temperature safe all through.

Valet roll tickets

Another type of ticket available from a valet ticket company is the valet roll ticket. This is also one of the easy tickets to use since they are perforated in the middle and between each set of tickets. Each roll is numbered in a sequence in order to avoid misuse and help in auditing and protection as well. Each roll contains a thousand easy to tear tickets.

1 Part visitor parking permit

It has a die cut mirror hanger hole for the rear view and just like the others, it also has a sequential numbering technique. Another shared characteristic is that it has large numbers that are easy to read thus can’t be easily mistaken.

5 part hanging valet ticket

This has a die cut hole for the rear view mirror hanger with a vehicle diagram. The major difference with the others is that it has two ¼ inch keyholes. Aside from that, this vale ticket shares the similarities of sequential numbering, easy to read numbers due to their big size and being barcoded with barcode type 3-9 to encode the ticket.

The above are just a few examples of the different types of valet tickets that may be available in a valet tickets supplies company. You can get the type that you feel best suits you and even customize them if you own a business that offers valet parking.

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